Paths To Parenthub

Support and Connection for Donor Conception

Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey, or now parenting via donor conception, come and join our private space to find support, information, friendship, and a sense of community within the Paths to Parenthub.

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Embarking on a path to parenthood using a donor takes time and requires deep, emotional consideration. Making this decision isn’t just a one-off, but the start of your parenting journey, forming the very beginning of your child’s story.

Becoming a Paths To Parenthub member offers you the opportunity to find support, connection and resources so that you no longer feel alone on this journey. We want to help you feel more positive and prepared about this path to parenthood, offering hope for what the future may hold.

NEW – Donor Siblings Course

Connect with Confidence

Professionally supported course designed to bust fears and build confidence when it comes to navigating connections with your children’s donor related siblings.


Whatever stage of your journey, Paths To Parenthub offers the opportunity to connect, share experiences, ask questions and hear from experts in the field, whilst exploring supportive resources to help you and your family understand the many facets of donor conception. The beauty of this – you can do all of these things from the comfort of your own home, within the safety of our private membership platform.


Access to regular interactive webinars, live chats and support groups including a range of professionals, experiences and perspectives



Make connections, share experiences, find support and chat openly within our private, members-only networking group app



 24/7 access to webinar recordings, personal stories, reflections, tips and guidance, as well as recommended resources

“More than two years on since first creating Paths To Parenthub I am so proud of what it has become. What began as a vision and natural evolution from DefiningMum, has developed into a thriving community, alongside a wealth of insightful conversations and perspectives all designed to help you feel less alone and better prepared on this path to parenthood. I’ve always wanted to help fill the emotional support vacuum, something I believe is an essential step when embarking on fertility treatment using a donor.

This hub is everything I would have needed and wanted back when making the decision. Even now, as a parent to children conceived with the help of an egg donor I’m continually learning, accepting and growing as a parent, as I understand how best to support my children in the future.”

Becky Kearns, DefiningMum – Founder

LGBTQ+ Paths to Parenthub

For many LGBTQ+ people, donor conception offers hope and optimism – it provides a route to parenthood that for many would otherwise not exist. However, here at Paths To Parenthub we also acknowledge that needing the help of a donor to build your family can be a confusing and challenging time too, a time filled with conflicting emotions and uncertainty. Furthermore, being part of the LGBTQ+ community can throw up some additional considerations on this route to becoming a parent.

In partnership with Hayley King our conversations and resources are becoming more tailored to the LGBTQ+ community and the specific questions and challenges that can be faced, plus we are growing our community to host specific spaces to build connections with others on a similar path, all within this safe, private platform.

Professional Membership

As a professional member, you will have exclusive access to our resources to provide you with specific insights into the complexities within donor conception, including the most common fears and questions that are often raised by recipient parents, which will help you to best understand and support your patients.