Donor Conception:

Connecting through Conversations

Real life stories, workshops, Q&As with special guests

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The day will bring to life conversations, equip you with more confidence and help you build your support network when it comes to donor conception.

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This whole day has been designed to help you navigate donor conception as a path to parenthood, at whatever stage you are at.

With many opportunities to make connections, listen to stories, ask questions and gain insights, my hope is that you will come away feeling better equipped and informed, comforted and less alone.

The day will be made up of four elements, all of which you’ll have the opportunity to attend. Between each of these sessions there will be lots of opportunities to meet each other as attendees as well as our speakers both over break times and lunch, which is provided for you.

Previous Events

Here’s a glimpse of previous events. Future events will include a similar format of speaker panel sessions and workshops with the amazing professionals I work with on Paths to Parenthub.

“It was a profoundly reassuring experience, to be among so many women going through similar things – it made the idea of donor conception seem much more real and accessible, and not so strange after all. It was lovely to hear from DEIVF parents and be able to “feel” their bond with their children as they spoke about them. I feel much more confident about going into the process.”

“Honestly Becky (and everyone that contributed to this amazing day) this was such a fantastic day and so so pleased I was able to be there. I was truly buzzing after this event and it gave me a really spring in my step.”

“What you have created is truly remarkable and I wish you could bottle it all up and share it with more and more people, so they can see what a beautiful path this can be.”

“Joy and happiness. Lots of different emotions. A feeling of not being alone and being part of a special community. I loved how Julianne described grief as being a black ball in a jar and adding other colours to it over time. That really resonated with me and somehow lifted me. I’ll always remember that and think of it when I’m feeling sad or overwhelmed.”

“Thank you Becky. A wonderful event worth travelling across the globe for x”

“I’m just so grateful that the event existed! There was a sense of generosity about the whole thing – from Becky conceptualising and organising it, to the speakers’ honesty and everyone’s willingness to share. I feel there’s something profound about this, because it tallies with the kindness and compassion of the donors who give their eggs altruistically to women who need them to start families. It made me feel connected to something bigger. Thank you! :)”

“An amazing sense of connectedness, positivity and hope. THANK YOU!”

“It was liberating and refreshing. I felt so part of something.”

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