Donor Siblings

Connect with Confidence

Professionally supported course designed to bust fears and build confidence when it comes to navigating connections with your children’s donor related siblings.

LGBTQ+ Director at Paths to Parenthub Hayley King hosts this first of it’s kind and innovative course. A donor conceived adult herself, and a mum thanks to sperm donation, Hayley and her wife connected with their children’s donor siblings when they were just 2 years old. Hayley offers an insightful perspective into the complexities and joys of connecting with donor siblings, and walks you through the steps to feeling more confident and better informed on your journey.

Dr Avital Pearlman has spent her career supporting children, families and couples throughout their fertility journey and beyond. Avital has worked across CAMHS, paediatric and peri-natal settings. In her work with children and adolescents, Avital has worked with children who are donor conceived, adopted or are no longer in contact with a biological parent. During this course Avital considers the development of identity throughout the different stages of childhood and how connecting with siblings can be understood and explained to our children. Avital offers practical advice and insight, whilst sensitively supporting this course from her professional viewpoint.

Topics covered:

The Stages of Connection

Talking to Your Child

Navigating Large Sibling Groups

Boundary Setting

Managing Feelings of Overwhelm

Language & Terminology

Talking to Friends, Family and Others About Donor Siblings

Helpful Templates & Tips

Research Bank

Real Life Case Studies

and so much more!

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