We are Family – What Really Matters for Parents and Children

Wednesday 21st April 2021 – 8pm (GMT)

I’m delighted to welcome Susan Golombok as a webinar speaker after reading her recent book “We are Family”. She shared with us her long-term research into families conceived through ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies), in particular what she has found when researching families who have needed to use a donor to conceive.

Her pioneering research on lesbian mother families, gay father families, single mothers by choice and families created by ART (including IVF, donor conception and surrogacy) has been instrumental to our understanding of both child development and social and ethical issues related to family life.

Spanning over 40 years, her research not only explores the different ways in which families are formed, but what this means for their relationships and the potential issues that may be faced as a result. Given her career as a Professor of Family Research, she is well placed to share how things have changed over time, what can be learned from the past and how we can use this to understand our role as parents and how this can impact our children.

This is a fascinating webinar allowing us to consider and understand the impact that relationships can have on a family, especially one that is not only made ‘out of love’ but also out of donor conception.

You can buy Susan’s book – We are Family, What Really Matters for Parents and Children through this link.

Speaker Bio

Susan Golombok

Susan Golombok PhD FBA is Professor of Family Research and Director of the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge. She has pioneered research on lesbian mother families, gay father families, families with transgender parents, families formed by single mothers by choice, and families created by assisted reproductive technologies including in vitro fertilisation (IVF), donor insemination, egg donation and surrogacy.

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