Telling our children their story: How Charlotte created We Are Family books

Monday 11th March 2024 – 10 am (GMT)

In this chat, Becky continued her conversation with Charlotte, recipient parent and creator of the beautiful “We Are Family” books, a completely unique and customisable book designed to tell your individual, fully personalised family story, in your own words, with your own pictures!

After sharing her own family building story previously on Paths to Parenthub Charlotte shares how she first started to talk to her children about their conception. Charlotte’s family is mixed, and she struggled to find their family represented in any of the available books about donor conception, and her children soon began noticing details about the characters in their books which did not reflect their family. So, Charlotte set about creating her own, and now helps other families to do the same via “We Are Family Books”.

To have a closer look at one of her books, check out Becky’s reel sharing her own here:

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