Talking to your children about being donor conceived: Real life stories from the Paterson family (AKA – The Three Musketeers)

Tuesday 5th March 2024 – 8pm (GMT)

During this webinar, Hayley chats to Sarah Paterson and her two children, Tom and Isabel – AKA “The Three Musketeers”.

Sarah is a counsellor with a special interest in fertility. Tom is a wellness advisor and personal trainer, and Isabel is studying a PhD in reproductive medicine.

Sarah used donor conception to have her children after experiencing a lengthy fertility treatment journey. She sadly experienced numerous miscarriages, and two ectopic pregnancies, one of which was life threatening.

Her eldest Tom was conceived using anonymous separate egg and sperm donation, and Isabel was born after a couple donated a frozen embryo to Sarah after their own successful treatment.

The Patersons recently appeared in the ITV documentary, Born From The Same Stranger. This enabled Tom to discover the identity of his sperm donor and they have been in contact. Isabel found her embryo donor, she also met her genetic twin and half sibling.

During this webinar Hayley, Sarah, Tom and Isabel discuss the realities of being donor conceived, both from the perspective of a recipient parent, and donor conceived adults. They will be discussing how Sarah approached talking to her children throughout their childhood and how that openness has continued into their adult relationships with one another. The Patersons are a very close family, and Sarah puts this down to their relationship being built on truth, love and openness always.


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