Free Webinar – “So, who’s the ‘real’ mum/dad?”

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To celebrate the launch of our brand new LGBTQ+ space within Paths to Parenthub we hosted a free opportunity to hear from one of our amazing speakers, Consultant Perinatal Psychologist Julianne Boutaleb, as we discussed one of the biggest questions and fears… the concept behind the term ‘real’ when it comes to parenting after donor conception.

Whether you’re using a donor to conceive as part of an LGBTQ+ couple, heterosexual couple or as a solo parent, there will likely be questions raised about who is involved in making a baby, which can often be linked with terminology and perceptions around what is real. This is a common fear and question that can evoke insecurities, particularly for non-genetic parents. We explored the impact this can have and shared some tips on how you might deal with questions around this, both emotionally and practically.

It’s a great opportunity to listen to an open discussion on this little talked about topic, whilst finding out more about what Paths to Parenthub has to offer in terms of resources and support, in particular for our new space for LGBTQ+ people on their path to parenthood using donor conception.

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Speaker Bio

Julianne Boutaleb

Julianne is a highly experienced perinatal psychologist, who has worked for over 17 years in the NHS and in private practice with individuals and couples adversely impacted by infertility issues. As a member of BICA, she lectures and writes on how individuals and couples who are trying to conceive (TTC), pregnant or parenting following ART (IVF, ICSI, donor conception, surrogacy) or adoption may be psychologically affected.

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