HAABI birth – Preparing to Meet Your Baby

Exclusive collaboration with Paths To Parenthub

Please answer all of the following questions in order to book your place on the workshop. If the question is not applicable to you, then please type n/a. If the answer is yes, please list in full any allergies/medical conditions as we can discuss these during the group sessions if you’d like to. If they’re of a sensitive manner, then we can discuss any anxieties you have in private.

HAABI Terms and Conditions

By signing up to a course with HAABI and completing our online booking form, you must accept the terms and conditions below.

1. You must agree that you are enrolling in the course at your own free will.

2. The content of our courses are no way intended to offer medical advice nor as a prescription for medical procedure.

3. You must be fully aware that you should seek the advice of a medical professional to answer health related and/or pregnancy related issues surrounding pregnancy, labour and/or birth.

4. You must therefore agree that you will in no way hold the instructors of the classes responsible for any complications that could arise as a result of pregnancy, labour and/or birth.​

5. These classes are for information only and are not to replace the information of your named midwife or doctor.​

6. We reserve the right to offer refunds of deposit/course fee for medical reasons only.​