Speaker Bio

Professor Nicky Hudson

Centre for Reproduction Research

I am a medical sociologist my work is about people’s experiences of their reproductive health and the medical and health care systems that they encounter. I have been researching reproduction for 20 years, and lead the Centre for Reproduction Research at De Montfort University in Leicester. The Centre is dedicated to furthering knowledge about the social, political and economic aspects of reproductive health and especially, how individual experiences are shaped by this wider context. I also have a long-standing interest in chronic illness, and in particular, how this intersects with fertility and reproduction. For the past few years I have carried out research which explores how endometriosis affects heterosexual couple relationships.

I am currently leading a large-scale comparative research project in the UK, Spain and Belgium which explores the growing and changing use of egg donation. In this study we are interested to explore how differing social, cultural and regulatory systems shape how egg donation is viewed, and how the women who provide their eggs experience the process. We are also looking at how new developments, for example, in egg freezing and banking, are reshaping egg donation.