Navigating donor conception as a couple: The importance of effective communication (with Kenzi Locks)

Thursday 1st January 2024 – 10 am (GMT)

Kenzi Locks, LCSW, HWC, is a licensed clinical social worker, health and wellness coach, and consultant in New York State. She’s the founder of Growforth Family Building, a virtual coaching practice committed to serving those growing their families through fertility treatments, donor conception, adoption, and surrogacy.

In this webinar, Hayley and Kenzi discuss the importance of communication between partners when you’re on the path to parenthood via donor conception. Kenzi shares her thoughts on having clear expectations of both yourself and your partner from the very beginning of the journey, and to remember that although you are both striving for the same goal, you may still have things you disagree about, need to move through the process at a different speed, or even need different levels of support, and that’s ok!

Kenzi shares her tips for communicating with your partner when you may be at different stages of readiness, and how to avoid resentment as you move along the path. She also notes that along the process there are so many small decisions to make, and that it’s really common for couples to be surprised when they don’t agree on something they previously thought would be a given.

Kenzi also shares her thoughts on what you can do if you reach a real sticking point, where there doesn’t appear to be a compromise. She gives an overview of how be an “active listener” and shares how learning to listen in this way can help you to keep the conversation going when things get tricky.

This webinar will be so valuable for couples at whatever stage of the journey you’re at. It is packed with really practical advice from Kenzi about how to navigate these sometimes tricky conversations, which will continue to be important as our children grow, because as Kenzi says, our children will always be donor conceived!

Kenzi provides 1:1 coaching, virtual events, free tools, and more that centre on making difficult decisions, navigating toxic positivity, and setting boundaries. With the strong belief that the future child’s potential needs must be brought into every conversation and that those with lived experiences are the experts, Kenzi is proud to support family builders and the professionals who serve them. You can find Kenzi at, and on Instagram @growforthfamilybuilding


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