Mixed families and secondary infertility

Wednesday 26th January 2022 – 8pm (GMT)

In this session we explored the challenges and emotions that are often prevalent when experiencing secondary infertility. Having to make the decision to use donor conception when trying to conceive a sibling after a genetic child can bring about its own complex set of emotions, questions and challenges.

I spoke with Gerry McCluskey about the additional considerations for mixed families, whether you have a genetic child already, have fallen pregnant spontaneously after donor conception or have children with different donors. Before creating a mixed/blended family of genetics we explored common fears such as whether not sharing genetics might make us feel differently towards our non-genetic child, whether sibling relationships might be affected and also the consideration of managing additional half siblings for the child who is donor conceived. We explored how we can navigate this path and make what may seem like very different stories, a part of your whole family narrative. We also explored how we as parents can share and balance these different stories, supporting them as they grow. 

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Speaker Bio

Gerry McCluskey

Working for Family Routes, a voluntary social work agency, Gerry McCluskey has a particular interest in the broad range of different ways in which families are formed, the issues of belonging, connection, identity, loss and fulfilment which relate to the pursuit of family life whatever its form.

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