Donor conception within the Jewish Community, with Kenzi Locks

Monday 26th February 2024

Kenzi Locks, LCSW, HWC, is a licensed clinical social worker, health and wellness coach, and consultant in New York State. She’s the founder of Growforth Family Building, a virtual coaching practice committed to serving those growing their families through fertility treatments, donor conception, adoption, and surrogacy

In this webinar with Hayley, Kenzi shares how part of the Torah, the religious text within Judaism, suggests that in life one should “be fruitful and multiply” – to go and have children. She explains the three branches of Judaism, and how people within each of these branches of the religion may view donor conception differently. She discusses the potential hurdles that Jewish people may come up against on their path to parenthood via donor conception, included having very limited choices when looking for egg donors who are also Jewish, seeking approval from their Rabi, or feeling pressure to keep their children’s conception story a secret.

This webinar is a really interesting insight into the Jewish faith, and will be reassuring for anyone who has struggled with feeling able to be open about their fertility journey within their community.

Kenzi talks about the various online communities that are now available to support Jewish people through infertility, and donor conception. If you’d like to visit any of these for more support, Kenzi suggests:

Yesh Tikva (where she runs supportive spaces for recipient parents)

Jewish Fertility Foundation

I Was Supposed to Have a Baby

Kenzi provides 1:1 coaching, virtual events, free tools, and more that centre on making difficult decisions, navigating toxic positivity, and setting boundaries. With the strong belief that the future child’s potential needs must be brought into every conversation and that those with lived experiences are the experts, Kenzi is proud to support family builders and the professionals who serve them. You can find Kenzi at, and on Instagram @growforthfamilybuilding

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