DNA Testing and the Implications for Donor Conception

Tuesday 24th November 2020 – 8pm (GMT)

Debbie Kennett, an internationally recognised expert on genetic genealogy, helps us to understand more about DNA testing, an important topic to be aware of as parents through donor conception.

She talked about how DNA testing has changed over recent years, how DNA tests work, what information can be discovered, how easy it can be to find genetic matches and what this means for donor anonymity.

Debbie Kennett is an internationally recognised expert on genetic genealogy and has given many presentations to various fertility organisations (BICA, HFEA, ESHRE, Donor Conception Network) on the impact of genetic testing on donor anonymity. She is also a regular speaker at various genealogy conferences in the UK and Ireland. She has been interviewed about genetic ancestry testing for BBC Radio 4, appearing on You and Yours and The Business of Genetic Ancestry and also appeared on TV on the BBC programme Watchdog.

Personally, I know DNA testing wasn’t something I’d really considered prior to embarking on this path to parenthood. I certainly wasn’t aware of how closely it ties into donor conception. As our children grow and become curious, I believe it is an important tool for us as parents to understand.

I want to note that it is a topic that can feel quite daunting and overwhelming to listen to but one that arms us with knowledge, if our child would like to know more in the future.

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Speaker Bio

Debbie Kennett

Debbie is a well known author and speaker and an internationally recognised expert on genetic genealogy. She is an Honorary Research Associate in the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London. 

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