Dashed Hopes and Broken Dreams: How to cope when donor conception doesn’t work

Tuesday 1st March 2022 – 8pm (GMT)

There can be so much focus on the real hope that donor conception can bring, but what about when it doesn’t work? It’s a question we often daren’t even contemplate, especially if we’ve already experienced a long pursuit of parenthood. Nevertheless it’s an important one to talk about and acknowledge as, although it can increase our chances of bringing home a baby, sadly there are still no guarantees.

Whilst donor conception offers the next frontier in terms of science and brings with it real hope around what is possible, when it isn’t successful it can reopen up the grief cycle, something which is explained by one of our resident speakers, the wonderful Julianne, Perinatal Psychologist from Parenthood In Mind. She shared how it can represent ‘reckoning’ within the grief cycle and the entering of what is called ‘assimilation and legacy’. The time to reckon with a different future to what you had already once reimagined…potentially stopping treatment altogether, facing the prospect that you might not be a parent, that you may not carry a child and the need to consider another change on your path to parenthood, as well as what this means both as an individual and as a couple. We sensitively explored what is commonly our greatest fear, but one which I know many have felt even more alone in when this prospect has become a possible reality.

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Speaker Bio

Julianne Boutaleb

Julianne is a highly experienced perinatal psychologist, who has worked for over 17 years in the NHS and in private practice with individuals and couples adversely impacted by infertility issues. As a member of BICA, she lectures and writes on how individuals and couples who are trying to conceive (TTC), pregnant or parenting following ART (IVF, ICSI, donor conception, surrogacy) or adoption may be psychologically affected.

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